Did you know that the consumption of people over 50 is projected to rise at around 5% per year, reaching a value of €5.7 trillion by 2025? This is the economic forecast announced in the European Commission’s Report on the Impact of Demographic Change published in June 2020.

The issue of ageing and the opportunities arising from the Silver Economy have been brought to the spotlight in recent weeks with the publication by the European Commission of the Report on the Impacts of Demographic Change. SILVER SMEs follows the debates ahead of the publication of an EU Green Paper on Ageing and shares in this newsletter inspiring good practices showcasing the importance of the sector in rural and mountainous areas!

Our next international seminar on “Senior Tourism and Accessibility” will take place online on September 2, 2020 from 10:00 to 12:00. Find more information in the event section of this 8th newsletter and register before August 25!

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The SILVER SMEs project aims to support regional policies in rural and mountainous areas by enlightening the potential for SMEs to develop new innovative products and services of benefit and joy for a senior population. By supporting the development of new SMEs in the Silver Economy, an intrinsic objective is to stimulate growth and competitiveness of rural areas and mountainous areas. Have a look at SILVER SMEs project’s brochure!

This 5-years Interreg Europe project was launched in June 2018. The project leader is the Spanish province of Teruel, and the other 8 project partners come from Ireland, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, France, Sweden and Poland.