In the Lubuskie Province (Poland), around 20% of the population is over 60 and about 30% of the ageing population lives in rural areas. Demographic forecasts predict that people over 60 will represent around 40% of the Province’s total population by 2050. 

With a share of older adults being doubled in only three decades, the Province of Lubuskie must rapidly adapt to propose tailored services, including in terms of housing offer. As partner of SILVER SMEs, the Regional Development Agency JSC is exploring ways to better support the development of new rural SMEs of the Silver Economy sector. In October 2020, with the Agency, SILVER SMEs partners met with CORDA Ltd, a local SME willing to improve the quality of life of ageing generations by developing an adapted retirement house.  

CORDA Ltd is a family company created by Adam Radziszewski in the rural area surrounding Zielona Gora. There, the mayor had to close the village’s school due to a lack of critical mass even thought this primary school had been open for 50 years. At the same time, the local population is ageing, and adapted housing offers are lacking. Adam Radziszewski thus created this SME, providing care both for older adults and children. 



5 factors of the successful creation of the SME 

A combined offer: Adam Radziszewski had the idea to create a retirement house which would also be a kindergarten. With his wife, they renovate the former school buildings to propose this combined offer. The building acquired is 426 square meters and entrepreneurs plan to create 17 rooms to welcome permanent residents. In the kindergarten, the area will be open for 20 children. 

A long experience in care: the family a long experience in day care services for older adults and is confident that they can handle this new challenge with an offer of residential care. 

A support from local and regional authorities: the local mayor welcomed the project, which was an opportunity to provide local communities with care services for both children and older vulnerable adults as well as a chance to create jobs. The municipality therefore granted a loan to the SME. CORDA Ltd also receives funding from the Regional Development Agency, partner of SILVER SMEs. 

A long term-vision for the SME: entrepreneurs of CORDA Ltd are anticipating and already planning to expand the structure by building a 200 square meters extension welcoming 8 additional single rooms for older adults in the future. 


SILVER SMEs met with Adam Radziszewski, discover CORDA Ltd in our video