Project good practices

LinkedAge - AirBnB in luxury seniors' homes for travelling...

Summary: LinkedAge is a virtual chain of luxury living facilities in seniors' homes. It is supported by a booking engine for exchanging of accommodations for 65+ persons

Location: Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)

Centro Social das Taipas - Aldeia Toda - Caretakers Capacitation

Summary: Centro Social das Taipas’ project Aldeia Toda is working to create capacity for hostelry in mountain villages to become key for tourism and communities.

Location: Norte, Portugal

Vintage for a Cause- From Granny to Trendy

Summary: Vintage for a Cause - From Granny to Trendy offers women over 50, sewing workshops where they can meet, talk, be creative, learn and add value to their lifes.

Location: Norte, Portugal

Gamification of Dalarna

Summary: To create an application and IT platform filled with technical innovation that will help facilitate businesses within tourism industry.

Location: Norra Mellansverige, Sweden (Sverige)

Health Innovation Hub Ireland

Summary: A hub accelerating healthcare innovation and commercialisation through addressing healthcare challenges

Location: Southern and Eastern, Ireland (Éire)

INATEL 55+ Senior Programme

Summary: INATEL 55+ is a programme designed to create a access for SILVER associates to hotels belonging to the INATEL Network and 50 other associated hotels.

Location: Lisboa, Portugal


Summary: "Vida Feliz" is a large initiative willing to provide to a large amount of SILVER citizens in Guimarães a new opportunity toward physical activity.

Location: Norte, Portugal

Art 4 Senior- Inclusive

Summary: ART 4 SENIOR INCLUSIVE is an iniciative to use Art and Psycology to regain life quality through criativity, in a vulnerable group as the dependant SILVERS.

Location: Norte, Portugal

Taipas Termal - Health and Well-Being

Summary: Taipas Termal uses its historical facilities to create business opportunities for SMES to supply Nutrition and fitness ativities for an ageing fit program.

Location: Norte, Portugal

Organization of senior tourism in Lubuskie Region

Summary: Organization of senior tourism in Lubuskie Region – cooperation between EXODUS Travel Agency and University of the Third Age (UTA) in Zielona Góra

Location: Lubuskie, Poland (Polska)

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