The demographic evolution in recent years and the forecasts for the coming years show that France is entering the group of the ‘ageing countries’. 

  • 16 million French people are over 60. In 2030, the number will have grown to 20 million and by 2060 to 24 million. (1) 
  • Senior citizens are consumers that should not be ignored: since 2015 they account for 54 % of goods and services expenditure, among which 64% of health, 56% of insurance, 57% of leisure and 58% of home equipment spending. They represent a serious market for many businesses. (1) 
  • The silver economy sector is rapidly expanding: the market will have reached 130 billion euros in France in 2020(2). 

Source: (1) Insee 2017 (2) 2012 Credoc survey

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An opportunity to exchange in the same place and in a short space of time with all the major players of the Silver Economy sector to: 

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  • Meet partners who can help you develop your business

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