On the September 22 you will have a unique opportunity to listen and participate in an interactive digital workshop with research and innovation experts from the Swedish Energy Agency, researcher from Mid Sweden University and Rise as well as representatives from public and private regional – Middle Norrland representatives.

The event is a part of Interreg Europe project – SHREC (SHifting towards Renewable Energy for Transition to Low Carbon Energy) so you will also get an opportunity to discuss with our partners from Holland, France, Italy, Spain, Slovakia, Romania, and Lithuania on issues like energy effectiveness, renewable energy, regional policy on energy as well as risk management – what do we do when the electricity distribution fails.

The SHREC project tackle issues how to influence the renewable energy production and consumption by business, communities and households. Partners seek to increase the awareness among households, business and public actor. You will find more information about the project on this website.

As well, you will have an opportunity for reflection and dialogue with the presenters. At the end of the day Professor and Dean Hans-Erik Nilsson will lead the dialogue and the interactive summing up session. We are looking forward getting new perspectives on the innovation and development work on energy transition done in the Middle Norrland region.

Agenda highlights:

  • Swedish priorities in research and innovation within energy system, today and tomorrow
  • Middle Norrland - Regional policy analysis
  • Middle Norrland region, the status on energy usage and some challenges ahead

• Presentation of research projects:

  • The Nordic Electricity Markets in Change
  • Blackout Ahead? Perspectives on energy supply and disturbances
  • Large-scale paper-based harvest and storage of renewable energy
  • What can policy do for the middle Norrland Region?

• Presentation of industry projects:

  • Processum – the biorefinery innovation hub
  • Biofuel for aviation
  • SME and consumer perspective some cases from Middle Norrland
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership – Successful Collaboration Between Academia and Industry
  • Energy effectiveness in SME
  • Recycling how to use waste in a smart way
  • Energy savings in buildings, CER
  • SME accelerator in biorefinery area

Registration and full programme: HERE.