On 15th, July 2020 South Muntenia Regional Development Agency - partner in SHREC project has organized online through the Zoom application the Second Meeting of the Stakeholder Group. 

The meeting was attended by 29 representatives of the Ministry of Public Works, Development and Administration, Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests, county councils, research institutes, chambers of commerce, the Romanian Association of Energy Suppliers, environmental protection agencies, nZEB Cluster, as well as SMEs.

The goal of the meeting was to present and debate the draft of regional analysis on regional policies for the transition to low carbon economy, the new policy mix of the Smart Specialization Strategy 2021 – 2027 and draft of Regional Operational Program 2021-2027, but also to start the process of identifying relevant best practices from the region for the increase of production and use of energy from renewable sources.

Second meeting of the Stakeholders Group organized in South Muntenia Region

The most debated topic was the identification of good practices at which most of participants are willing to contribute. For instance, the representatives of the Zero Energy Association mentioned the energy efficient house also called "active house" - a building with a very high energy performance, where the energy requirement for ensuring the energy performance is almost equal to zero or is very low.

Also, discussions were also centered on the need to increase the consumer awareness regarding the ways to reduce energy consumption. In this regard the representative of nZEB Cluster (nearly Zero Energy Building Cluster) proposed to SMRDA to help in mobilizing the relevant stakeholders to participate in a communication campaign about increasing the consumer awareness.

The meeting was interactive and the stakeholders were very active and they will try to propose interesting good practices.

SHREC stakeholders met in South Muntenia Region