The common denominator of every European project is cooperation. It is thus only logical to take this inherent characteristic a step further and cooperate between European projects across financing programmes. This unique opportunity has henceforth become a reality thanks to French partner, AURA-EE, the Energy and Environment Agency of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region by partnering SHREC and ALPGRIDS.

ALPGRIDS, an Interreg Alpine Space project “aims to create a transnational enabling environment as precondition for the development of microgrids by addressing regulatory issues and organizational-business challenges. The project will build on regional resources and assets such as local electricity producers/distributors and citizen energy communities”.

Both projects address the challenge of transition to a low carbon economy, in relation with renewable energy use and involving citizens in order to achieve this goal. However, our ambition doesn't stop there, multiple other opportunities to work together lie ahead for both project consortiums to build on and cooperate. Stay put for events and cross partnerships ahead!