Thousands of people and companies live and work with the sustainable power of SHREC stakeholder Energie VanOns an energy collective in the Netherlands. This sustainable power is generated in 75 big and small projects and deliver about 25.7 million kWh. Business and governments also realise more often the power of local generated green energy. Energie VanOns provides tens of gorvernmental buildings in Groningen in the Northern Netherlands. This is not green washed gray power, but real green power. The aim is to unite 1000 cooperatives with 5000 projects to generate power and to reach 100,000 customers.

By working together with energy cooperatives, Energie VanOns can do more than deliver power. The owners of local windmills and solar roofs get a fair price for their electricity of course. But that’s not all: the profit goes back to the region through the cooperatives. This way, already more than a million euro is invested in local initiatives such as led lighting for the entire neighborhood, energy neutral community buildings and also bird watch cabins. 

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