In the Northern Netherlands a consortium of Groningen Seaports, the Dutch energy network operator Gasunie and Shell Netherlands announces that they intend to launch the NortH2 project: the production of green hydrogen using renewable electricity generated by a mega offshore wind farm, 3 to 4 gigawatts in 2030, contributing to the objectives of the Dutch Climate Accord.

NortH2 has the support of the province of Groningen in the Northern Netherlands and is looking for partners to expand the consortium and realise this project. NortH2 envisages the construction of very significant wind farms in the North Sea, which can gradually grow to a capacity of about 10 gigawatts. This would be sufficient to meet the current electricity consumption of some 12.5 million Dutch households.

Northern Netherlands

The north of the Netherlands is well-positioned to become the centre of green hydrogen in the Netherlands and Northwest Europe. The North Sea has a great potential for large-scale wind energy, the Eemshaven is an important link between offshore wind energy and the production of green hydrogen onshore. Natural gas infrastructure is suitable for storage and large-scale transport of hydrogen from the northern Netherlands to the rest of the Netherlands and Northwest Europe.

Cas König, CEO of Groningen Seaports, adds: “We are already actively building the green industry of the future in the north of the Netherlands. An important part of industry in Delfzijl is already using hydrogen and the construction of Europe’s largest green hydrogen facility in our port city is imminent. Because of this, industry can decarbonise significantly and has the ability to continue growth, as a result of which our position is strengthened even further. Green industry in the North also makes a concrete contribution to the climate targets of the Netherlands for 2030. Our target is to become Europe’s largest green hydrogen chain with the northern Netherlands at the centre.”

Jan Jaap Aué, director of the energy transition centre EnTranCe of Hanze UAS says in an interview with regional media RTV Noord that the plans presented by the NortH2 consortium are a major stimulus for the step towards a sustainable energy society. What’s more, the construction of the giga wind farm plus hydrogen factory is also an unprecedented boost for the regional hydrogen ambitions.

Read more about NortH2 in the press release of Shell.


Image by Gary Cunliffe from Pixabay