More than 370 participants were connected to follow the online Focus Group organized by the GSE (the Italian public company for the management of Energy Services) on the 13th of April together with the Piemonte Region and the local stakeholders involved on the Energy Communities topic.

The meeting aimed to illustrate to the representatives of consumers, citizens, businesses and local authorities all the opportunities offered by the incentives managed by the GSE, in particular those relating to the new legislation on collective self-consumption and energy sharing produced from renewable sources.

Several topics were addressed in the seminar: starting from the importance of the active role of the consumer "the prosumer", then moving on to the new collective self-consumption systems and their role for the sustainability of electricity consumption. The meeting with local interlocutors also gave the GSE the opportunity to provide answers from a technical, regulatory and administrative point of view, as well as illustrate proposals and report needs useful for developing an efficient implementation of the Community Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources.

In Italy, the Piemonte Region represents a virtuous example as it has been the first region to have a dedicated legislation and several pilot EC are now developing, also thanks to the SHREC project.