On the 3rd of March, 2021, the SHREC project was presented at the 2nd official DanuP-2-Gas project and stakeholder meeting, which was organised by the Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška Region (KSSENA).

Stanislav Laktiš from Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency has participated in the DanuP-2-Gas project meeting sessions on "Regional and national outlook for sector coupling and renewable energy" and presented the SHREC project for DanuP-2-Gas project stakeholders.

The DanuP-2-Gas stakeholder meeting was held online in the form of a video conference and featured two main sessions. The first session focused on the background and context of project relevance, identification of development potentials, existing bottlenecks, and barriers, especially in the context of the Savinjska region and Slovenia. Topics were presented by Associated Strategic Partners (ASPs) as well as external project stakeholders and representatives of key target groups. All project partners highly appreciated the involvement of external stakeholders and found the meeting very beneficial from the perspective of new information gain.

DanuP-2-Gas (Innovative model to drive energy security and diversity in the Danube Region via combination of bioenergy with surplus renewable energy) is meant to advance transnational energy planning by promoting generation and storage strategies for renewables in the Danube Region by coupling the electric power and gas sector.