After the International stakeholders meeting, the experts from SHREC project partner country Sweden initiated the discussion with Lithuanian specialists on solar energy development in Lithuania and possible cooperation in the future. 

On March 2, 2021, the professionals from Mid Sweden University, Vilnius Gediminas technical university and experts from "Ignitis" virtually met to hear good practise from Lithuania on solar energy development.

Haroldas Nauseda, Board member & Director for B2B and Expansion at "Ignitis", with Dalia Braziunaite, the Head of Product Management at "Ignitis", explained how the remote solar parks work in Lithuania.

Haroldas Nauseda presented the mechanism of the remote solar parks platform and overviewed the solar energy prosumers model in Lithuania. The intensive discussion and Q&A session among experts from Mid Sweden University and "Ignitis" experts followed the Haroldas Nauseda presentation.

Finally, both parties agreed virtually to meet again and further discuss the cooperation for solar energy development in Sweden. The stakeholders agreed to discuss Swedish prosumer model (including the net metering process) and B2C price development during the next meeting. Also the grid operators price structure and other related topics shall be discussed.