In the framework of the SHREC project, Interreg Europe Programme, on 25th February 2021 the 4th Stakeholder Meeting of Piemonte Region is organized online due to COVID Pandemia.

Piemonte Region started the meeting by briefly introducing the participant and the focus of the meeting, highlighting the importance of widening the horizons to other European countries, namely through the SHREC project.

This meeting gave the opportunity to take stock of the development of the four Energy Communities (EC) ongoing projects and to explore some of the challenges and problems they are facing, especially related to energy data availability and to the most appropriate legal status the EC should have. In particular, Piemonte Region invited to this meeting Enel Distributione (E-Distribuzione), the energy distributor company operating in Piemonte, in order to have some detailed explanations about data acquisition, which is a crucial step in the setting up of the EC territorial energy balance.

The Region had previously collected the main questions the EC wanted to address to the distributor, and in particular which kind of data is possible to obtain, which is the response time and who can ask for them concerning the following issues:

  • the list of all the connection points to a secondary electrical substation;
  • the quarterly data of each Point of Delivery (POD) connected to an electrical substation;
  • data about Public Lighting (PL).

Given the fact that E-Distribuzione has now set up an online platform so that the delegated subject of an EC can submit a request and have an answer within 10 days, they confirm their full availability to collaborate. They also inform that the substitution of old meters with the new generation ones is ongoing, so that soon more data will available. Moreover, they agree to participate to next SHREC stakeholder meetings.

Concerning PL, often the point data related to old systems are not available as an average consumption is assumed. While for renovated PL system it is possible to have point data.

It is then discussed the matter of legal status to be given for the formal constitution of EC as the Italian legislation framework is still not clear. The majority is thinking that it is possible to proceed anyway with any kind of associative form.

Environment Park inform that is collaborating with the Bank Foundation “Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo” to support new EC in their territory.

Once more Piemonte Region stressed the vital importance of transposition of European directives into national legislation, expected in the first months of 2021. Furthermore, it is highlighted that the Administration is called to play an active role as coordinator between the national and the regional level and between private energy utilities and the EC and that this action will be further developed thanks to the SHREC project implementation.