On January 20, Vilnius Gediminas technical university (VILNIUS TECH) hosted virtual dissemination event on alternative energy development in Lithuania. The event's topic: "Development of alternative energy: how, where, when?" mainly focused on solar energy, energy efficiency and the near future of energetically smart days.

The event was moderated by Laima Kauspadiene, Head of the Sunrise Valley Science & Technology Park. The virtual event started with the short introduction of the SHREC project presented by Vilma Puriene, Head of VILNIUS TECH Knowledge and technology transfer centre. Later on, Paulius Kozlovas, Head of "Ignitis group" innovation department presented our near future days in his presentation "What would an energetically smart day look like?". Paulius Kozlovas' presentation received the most attention, thus after the interactive Q&A session, Arnoldas Bagdonas the CTO of "Stuart Energy" continued the presentations' session & talked about how to reliably and efficiently manage solar renewable energy at home or in commercial buildings. After the sessions, the discussion following the topic's question: Development of alternative energy: how, where, when? was moderated.

Discussion members – presenters of the event and the guests-experts: Asta Vaitulevice, "Ignitis Group" Energy Efficiency Program Manager and Rolandas Urbonas, Deputy Director of the Lithuanian Energy Institute talked about solar energy for individual houses, accumulation of wind energy, electric cars and more. Questions from the audience mainly focused on how alternative energy will change our daily lives in the near future & how to foster the usage of renewable energy sources.

136 people have registered for the dissemination event, 90 people from them have attended the event. Attendees shared the broad professional expertise in the energy sector: the event received participants from the Lithuanian Ministry of Energy, ESO, Ignitis, Lithuanian Energy Institute, professionals from various other companies & Lithuanian universities.