It is a somewhat unique opportunity for us to spread the good work we do in our region to representatives of several European regions and I also hope that the conference will help our researchers find interesting partnerships for their further research, says Karin Nygård -Skalman, project manager for SHREC.  

The conference would have been arranged in physical form in both Sundsvall and Östersund, but the current situation means that it will instead take place in digital form. Researchers and experts from Spain, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Slovakia, Lithuania and Romania will be able to take part in current research at Mid Sweden University during the full-day seminar.

We are exactly in time with the climate change. In addition to the opportunity to create new international networks, we at Mid Sweden University also see that it will be an opportunity to discuss with our European partners and get their views on the challenge of the transition to low-carbon energy, says Karin Nygård-Skalman. The event is being implemented within the framework of the SHREC project, which runs until mid-2023, and the purpose of the project is to make it easier for companies and households to invest in renewable energy use to reduce their CO2 footprint.

At the conference, we consciously choose to make visible research that takes place at both of our campus locations in order to also contribute to developing collaboration throughout our region. Sometimes we notice, in contacts with, for example, authorities, that formal or informal boundaries in our part of the world can be an obstacle. The project will help to solve such things so that we can address a problem that is very much global, says Karin Nygård-Skalman.