The first SHREC stakeholder meeting in Vilnius is organised on the 12th December at 10 am, at VGTU, address: Sauletekis av. 11, Vilnius, Room 704 (new VGTU glass building).

This project (SHREC) creates a stakeholder group from ministries, technology valleys, clusters, and businesses. Stakeholder meetings shall be organized 2 times per year. Visits to our partners’ countries are also planned.

The SHREC project aims to improve regional and national policies to increase the share of energy from renewable sources in the overall energy, to promote and facilitate the production and use of renewable energy for businesses, communities and households seeking to reduce carbon emissions.

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• Network with foreign cities, regional governments, business and science institutions, technology valleys, parks and incubators (travel and accommodation costs covered by the project);

• Transfer of good practice from partner countries / regions;

• Contribution to the development of one of Lithuania's policies.

We would like to see you or your delegates in this group to work on „SHifting towards Renewable Energy for Transition to Low Carbon Energy“.

Cover image: annca via Pixabay