Vadstena, in Östergötland county, is a small town, but measured in culture and heritage, it is one of Sweden’s richest towns. Among its treasures is the well-preserved Vadstena Castle. The castle no longer defends the crown and repels invaders, but like many such structures, today it is a museum and welcomes “invading” visitors, tourists and students. 

The museum preserves clothing and furniture displayed in rooms with centuries-old decorations. Visitors can explore defensive features, learn how the castle evolved, and enjoy the view over Lake Vättern and town. The castle also hosts temporary exhibitions, concerts, conferences and other events.

The County Administrative Board of Östergötland worked closely with the municipal staff, representatives from the tourism board, Vadstena archives, private sector partners and other stakeholders to develop the Local Action Plan for Vadstena. The plan aims to help the town  sustainably use its cultural heritage and environments for tourism and recreation.

Visitors to Vadstena, as well as residents, will continue to benefit from the town’s wealth of history and monuments for generations to come.