The North-East Regional Development Agency, in cooperation with its stakeholders, prepared a detailed and ambitious action plan for the region as a whole and for each of its six main cities. The actions aim to preserve and enhance cultural heritage in urban settings, for the benefit of residents, visitors and businesses.

Download the NE Region action plan.  

The action plan for Vaslui Municipality includes proposals for strengthening territorial cooperation at the metropolitan, county, national and European levels, and involving relevant actors in decision-making.
In phase 2 of the project, municipal stakeholders and staff of the North-East RDA are monitoring the activities that will demonstrate the impact in Vaslui.

1. The plan calls for the realization of the web platform - portal for services provided online to citizens, visitors and tourists (target: the second half of 2020).
The portal will include a section dedicated to civic initiatives aimed at facilitating the direct involvement of civil society in the development of local community in the following areas: culture / sports / tourism; SmartCity Initiatives / Projects; infrastructure / urban mobility; environment (green spaces, air quality etc.); competencies in the local economy.

2. In the first half of 2020, the municipality will organize quarterly thematic events in a participatory manner to valorise the material and immaterial cultural heritage of Vaslui and to increase the quality of life for the local community. The IT component and the organized events will be a platform for public consultation and civic creativity, with a decisive role in the future urban development of Vaslui.