The City of Šibenik is a local authority responsible for the planning and implementation of different rograms and activities  to raise the standards and quality of life of its citizens.

The historic centre of Šibenik is the most characteristic part of town, its largest and the most important attraction and also a valuable resource for the development of cultural tourism. Many buildings in the centre are poorly conserved, due to inadequate maintenance, bad construction or simply neglect.

Most family houses and apartment buildings situated in the city centre were built with no or minimal thermal insulation (energy grade E and worse). Those houses expend 70% of energy consumed for heating, cooling and heating water, and energy efficiency measures can significantly reduce their consumption,  by up to 60%.

By installing new, energy-efficient exterior doors and windows on family houses and apartment buildings, estimated energy savings are 10-15%.

That's why the City Department of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Development is currently implementing a program "Old city centre - renovation of exterior doors and windows".

The program is one of the outputs in its SHARE Action plan - Activity 2.2. Program of incentives to permanent residents for the restoration of facades, doors and windows.

Through analysis of the current situation, the problem of neglected facades and elements such as wooden doors and windows degrading the historic atnosphere has been observed. To address this, an open call worth 250,000 HRK was published on 14 February. Each household with permanent residence can apply and sign a contract with  the city for a 50% grant (max. 50,000 HRK).

The intention is to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the environmental value of the historic centre of Šibenik for the benefit of its citizens and visitors.

The Program will co-finance the cost of purchasing and installing new, energy-efficient wood-framed doors and windows, with the heat transfer coefficient U≤1,1 W / m2 K for the glass portions, U≤1,4 W / m2 K for the whole window and U≤ 2,5W / m2 K for the entrance door.

The goal of the Program is to increase the energy efficiency of existing homes, reduce energy consumption as well as CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, and reduce monthly energy costs, while improving overall quality of life. At the same time, the planning of such projects involves the engagement of local companies and experts and promotes economic activity.

Improving energy efficiency contributes to the image of the City of Šibenik as a desirable tourist destination based on the preservation of natural beauty and a healthy environment. In addition to the energy savings, the renovation of exterior joinery in the old city centre will improve its general appearance and also affect the growth of permanent housing in the old city centre.

The "Old city centre - renovation of exterior doors and windows" program has significant benefits, making residences in historic core more comfortable, saving energy, conserving old buildings, protecting the environment, enhancing the visual appeal of the centre, stimulating the local economy and reducing unemployment.