The Vice-president of the Umbria region Fabio Paparelli, Giovanni Patriarchi, Foligno municipal councillor responsible for cultural heritage, and Foligno vice-mayor Rita Barbetti were among the speakers at a public presentation of SHARE results held on 3 April.

Mr. Patriarchi, who attended two interregional exchange project meetings and took part in the political debate held in Vadstena (Sweden), praised the value of these encounters and the importance of comparing experiences, shared problems, and approaches to dealing with them with colleagues from different European territories.

Lead Partner Chiara Dall'Aglio of Sviluppumbria  illustrated lessons learnt through the project's study visits and research activities, and sustainability expert Andy Fryers presented some concrete, practical ways that local and regional policy can support greener choices.

Members of the audience included representatives from the Region’s technical staff, from other Umbrian municipalities, and from civil society associations.