The Action Plan for the Umbria region includes a suggestion for improved governance of the policy by fostering a closer working relationship among the technical staff in each of the municipalities. The idea is that since each town must address largely similar issues under each point of the policy, implementation in all the towns can be improved if they cooperate and exchange ideas.

The Region agreed with the suggestion and, further, took action to begin implementing it by passing a decree to establish a permanent, neutral space where municipal staff from the different municipalities will be able to meet and work together. The initiative is called LUCE Pubblica (“Luoghi Urbani Crescono Esperienze, finalizzata all’implementazione di un percorso che contribuisca all’obiettivo di innovare in Umbria l’approccio alle politiche per lo sviluppo urbano” - Urban places increase experiences, aimed at implementing a process to support Umbria’s goal of innovating urban development policies).

Decree number 804, dated 18 July 2018, establishes a physical and virtual location where staff of the 5 cities of the Urban Agenda can exchange expertise and learn from each other, for institutional capacity building. The issues of the Urban Agenda (sustainable mobility, reducing pollution, etc.) must be tackled through an operational workshop approach, working concretely toward building a common culture, a shared language, a uniform working method among those who, at different institutional levels, make choices and set priorities to deal with these issues.

LUCE Pubblica is seen as a kind of pilot action, to be expanded to the rest of the region's municipalities over time. Furthermore, it is expected to remain in operation beyond the conclusion of the SHARE project and into the next programming period.