The Pannon EGTC (European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation), seated in the city of Pécs, Hungary, was established on 31 August 2010, and registered at the Court of Registration in January 2012. The aim of the cooperation is a well-tuned development of the Hungarian-Croatian-Slovenian border area. The organization's members are 66 local municipalities  and governments of counties from Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia, furthermore 2 regionally significant organizations: the University of Pécs and the Duna-Dráva National Park.
EGTC in an independent legal entity. The reason for its establishment is that territorial cooperation could not be implemented efficiently in the European Union, because of the lack of regulations and the difference in member state regulations. Therefore, in 2006 the Committee of Regions initiated the creation of a new European legal instrument, the EGTC to facilitate the cooperation of local players and the a more efficient use of EU sources.
The legal instrument provides a frame to initiate and implement on regional level needed projects and investments needed by members of the grouping. The cooperation deals with projects based on common objectives of local organisations (municipalities and institutions), where the project implementation is important and useful for all of local stakeholders. EGTC aims to undertake that kind of projects which represent shared values through the borders as well.
The grouping received a subsidy to set up 4 new offices, in additional to those integrated into existing offices in Pécs. This makes communication more effective with local partners and facilitates fieldwork. Employees of the new offices keep the contact with stakeholders and grouping members, and they collect ideas about future projects and they are working on the preparation phrase of common projects. Thus, these new offices give the opportunity to support our members and the wants of locals in a better way.
Currently, preparation is underway for common territorial development along the Drava in the Hungarian-Croatian border zone, and for the initiation of a bus line between main cities and territories (e.g. Pécs-Osijek) within the region.
Pannon EGTC’s work includes knowledge sharing of wineries of the border zone, and in February 2018, an international conference was organized in Osijek, so that the Hungarian and Croatian partners could share their perspectives about territorial development.
Pannon provides professional support regarding main development programs of the region, for example in case of construction of highways, other roads and new border crossing points.
The SHARE project is an important stage for Pannon, since it is the organisation’s first international project, and moreover the results indicated by project’s work delivers high value to its members.