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Tourism mobility management is growing in East Tyrol


A focus group with tourism mobility purpose is working on mobility trainings and further marketing...

Type: Project

First Interregional Learning Session in Rome


Summary of the first Interregional Learning Session which took place in Rome from 17 to 19 July...

Type: Project

'Innovation by Design' Exhibition


‘Innovation by design’ Good Practices from Design4Innovation Partner Regions .

Type: Project

[ILW2] Brussels' good practices on e-mobility


A brief summary of the topics presented during the second e-MOPOLI Interregional Learning Workshop...

Type: Project

The EU Cycle low-carbon contribution in Bialystok


Today, the Bialystok Functional Area (BFA) is hosting in Bialystok participants of the project...

Type: Project

Pafos holds 1st dissemination event of DESTI-SMART


Pafos Regional Board of Tourism held its 1st dissemination event for DESTI-SMART Project on 13...

Type: Project

Medina del Campo Launches redevelopment project


Medina del Campo succeeded in redeveloping a site of huge historic significance, into a hub of...

Type: Project

Regions4Food presented during AGRA exhibition


PRA presented R4F project at a discussion on challenges to family-owned farms in Bulgaria adjacent...

Type: Project

Read SILVER SMEs’ 8th newsletter!


Did you know that the consumption of people over 50 is projected to rise at around 5% per year

Type: Project

First stakeholder meeting in Spain


The first stakeholder meeting in Spain took place in June in Zafra and Llerena.

Type: Project