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"SMEs Sustainability practices including CSR roadmaps in the...

Summary: TCF|FUTOURIS Project on Crete: “A case study of SMEs Sustainability practices including CSR roadmaps in the Region of Crete”

Location: Aνατολική Μακεδονία, Θράκη, Greece (Ελλαδα)

Sustainability Observatory

Summary: The sustainability observatory is a web-based accessible platform that allows a real-time monitoring of the energy consumption of several municipal equipment’s.

Location: Norte, Portugal

Facilitating sustainability of nearshore fisheries in marine...

Summary: Local fishermen fishing in the nearshore of the Baltic Sea, which is a marine reserve and a NATURA 2000 site, took an initiative to build a fishing harbour .

Location: Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)

Mercury Project for building monitoring centre

Summary: The Mercury project brought together discrete Building Management Systems BMS into a singular system, thus providing significant savings and simplify monitoring

Location: Sydsverige, Sweden (Sverige)

ABC environmental education regarding "Food Waste"

Summary: L. R. has set up a educational activity to teachers in collaboration with Education Offices, aimed at introducing "Food waste" item into regional programmes

Location: Lombardia, Italy (Italia)

Fair Meter

Summary: Fair meter is a sustainable smart meter,that offers full traceability of the materials and components that make it up, while promoting fair working conditions.

Location: Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)

Vasileios Laopodis


Interested in: Leading a project, Joining a project, Sharing a project idea, Networking with peers

Carlos Varela Martín


Interested in: Joining a project, Sharing a project idea, Networking with peers

John Callow


Interested in: Networking with peers

Sustainability, Tourism and SMEs


SHARE studied sustainable management of cultural heritage, but its findings offer opportunities for...

Type: Project