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SUPPORT 2nd interregional seminar in Seville


Second interregional seminar open to all interested public will be taking place in Seville from 13th...

Type: Project

A focus on Alba Iulia interregional meeting


The first part of the seminar focused on presenting the process of developing action plans to...

Type: Project

New project CERUSI from Interreg Central Europe


In 2019, the Interreg Central Europe launched its 4th call of the current programming period.

Type: Project

Alba Iulia - The Romanian seminar conclusions


The focus group sessions as well as the discussions that followed each presentation showed that each...

Type: Project

Interregional cooperation in support of cultural heritage routes


Development of cultural routes can be a way to increase awareness and understanding of such routes...

Type: Platform

Sergio Diana


Interested in: Leading a project, Joining a project, Sharing a project idea, Networking with peers

Virtual Q&A hour


A 1-hour online chat with Interreg Europe officers on Interreg Europe's third call.

Type: Programme

SmartPilots INTERREGIONAL SEMINAR 2 Indirect Support


Interregional seminar to discuss, compare and select best-practices for indirect support mechanisms...

Type: Project

National information day in Luxembourg - CANCELLED


An information day on Interreg Europe third call for project proposals for organisations in...

Type: Programme

National information day in Romania


An information day on Interreg Europe third call for project proposals for Romanian organisations.

Type: Programme