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Greek Stakeholders Discuss Transport Innovation


Local stakeholders meeting regarding transport innovation in the region of Central Macedonia, Greece

Type: Project

The second stakeholder meeting in Horezu City


In Valcea County, on the 22nd of April 2019...

Type: Project

2nd stakeholders' meeting at Turceni


"Supporting the environmental transition of EU regions where coal is exploited", was the main...

Type: Project

1st Local Stakeholder Group meeting in Centru Region


The Local Stakeholder Group created within the InnovaSPA project, met for the first time on 31st of...

Type: Project

The Catalan LSG of BID-REX takes the first steps


Constituted the Local Stakeholder Group of the BID-REX which will help to improve the management of...

Type: Project

HoCare: Stakeholders meet in Prague, Czech Republic


Prague hosted members of the Czech regional multi-stakeholder group to discuss current obstacles in...

Type: Project

Ambitious aims for the cooperation in Lüneburg


To discuss interests, aims and possible activities of all regional stakeholders was the main target...

Type: Project

Molise 3rd Stakeholders meeting


As Part of the Symbi project, each partner organizes several meetings with their regional...

Type: Project

Norte Region, 4th Stakeholders Meeting


The 4th stakeholders meeting was held in two different moment the last 21th and 29 th March 2018.

Type: Project

Regional Stakeholder Group meeting in Poland


The regional stakeholder group meeting of STOB regions' project partner Małopolska Region was held...

Type: Project