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SET-UP Interregional workshop: Economic models


Identifying suitable economic and business models is one of the main challenge to smart grid...

Type: Project

First stakeholder group meeting in Emilia-Romagna


The Italian stakeholder group for RaiSE project celebrated the first meeting on Tuesday 4 April.

Type: Project

Greener houses to reduce energy poverty


Find out about how Social Green project helped improving the efficiency of housing in poor...

Type: Programme

Circular economy starts from the regions


How does cooperation help to move regions towards bio-based circular economy? BIOREGIO provides some...

Type: Programme

First Semester Recap


The first semester is nearly over, so let's have a look what we've already achieved...

Type: Project

Final call for RegioStars nominations


Interreg Europe projects, you have until 31 March to express interest in nomination for the...

Type: Programme

A focus on Alba Iulia interregional meeting


The first part of the seminar focused on presenting the process of developing action plans to...

Type: Project

Castilla 4th Regional Workshop in Zamora


Castilla y León organized the fourth Stakeholder Workshop in Zamora.

Type: Project

The sixth INTRA Action plan for Extremadura signed


In August 2019 the Intra Action plan for Extremadura was signed by José Matías Sánchez González,...

Type: Project

Meet the Project Partner (UBBSLA)!


Meet the team of the CAPonLitter Project Partner from Bulgaria - The Union of Bulgarian Black Sea...

Type: Project