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The 2nd RSG meeting in the Netherlands


On 17th of July 2019 the regional stakeholders met in Friesland.

Type: Project

Interregional cooperation in support of cultural heritage routes


Development of cultural routes can be a way to increase awareness and understanding of such routes...

Type: Platform

Valencia Strategic Plan for Entrepreneurship


As the result of the iEER action plan for the Valencia Region, the Strategic Entrepreneurship Plan...

Type: Project

Know the Policy Learning Platform


The Policy Learning Platform is the second action of the Interreg Europe programme.

Type: Project

Policy Brief on the role of regional cooperation in preserving...


This Policy Brief highlights the value of cultural heritage, considers how regions can meet the...

Type: Platform

Bulgaria: ready to learn from European expertise 3/8


DIGITAL REGIONS partner Business Agency Association will bring its experience in supporting digital...

Type: Project

Sustainable cultural heritage and tourism


Conferences, webinars and good practices: sustainable cultural heritage tourism is a hot topic.

Type: Project

CMO STAMM 1st Stakeholder meeting


Summary from the first stakeholder meeting in the North-Netherlands.

Type: Project

Designing new financial instruments for SMEs


Find out about new financial instruments for SMEs developed thanks to interregional cooperation.

Type: Programme

Let’s Remember STARTS’ 2019 Winners


What does it take to win a STARTS Grand Prize? Innovation, technology… and creativity. A recap of...

Type: Project