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6th stakeholder meeting in Western Greece


The last stakeholder meeting of 2018 took place on December 11th. The 6th Regional Stakeholder Group...

Type: Project

Interreg Day in Budapest


BRIDGES will be presented on Interreg Day in Budapest

Type: Project

1st Study Trip in Offenbach


Dr. Matthias Schulze Böing, Head of the City of Offenbach’s Department for Employment, Statistics...

Type: Project

NMWP-NRW, 5th Stakeholder meeting


The 5th Stakeholders workshop took place in Düsseldorf the 21th of March 2018

Type: Project

Learning process and activities in Thessaloniki


Intensive discussions and good practices exchange during the 3rd Local Stakeholder Group meeting of...

Type: Project


Project summary INTRA project focuses on the role of public authorities in creating internationalization services to support the competitiveness of the regional economies and thus contribute to the Europe 2020 strategy. Developed by the project...


Project summary COHES3ION aims to integrate a regional and sub-regional element into Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3), so developing greater consistency across each partner region. The intended outcomes of the project are to:increase the overall...


Core concepts in the EIS project Interregional Learning Workshops (ILWs) At the centre of the EIS project are several gatherings hosted by the different partner regions. They are called Interregional Learning Workshops and include a workshop, where...


Project summary RUMORE improves regional innovation policies and capacities by fostering rural-urban cooperation and partnerships. The project enhances the delivery of innovation by improving innovation chains between rural and urban stakeholders...


Project summary Why RES are not growing as expected? Most Member States and European regions, have introduced measures to boost RES generation and storage in their regional RIS3 strategy, national energy strategic plans and their respective regional...