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On Friday, the 24th of February 2017, the Regional Workshop - 3rd Stakeholder’s meeting took place...

Type: Project

Fehmarnbelt action plan available


People meet across the Fehmarnbelt and generate less CO2: Fehmarn Belt action is now available !

Type: Project

Enel for electric mobility

Summary: A series of pilot projects in Italy for the development of electric mobility and zero emission mobility.

Location: Lazio, Italy (Italia)

First solar house adapted to the cold climate


Sweden will have a self-sufficient house in a cold climate, thanks to the "Project zero sun"

Type: Project

Stakeholders' Meeting in Crete


Meeting was organised in order to present the objectives and expected results of the project and to...

Type: Project


Submitted by: Alessandro Attolico, 09/04/2018

RECYCLE aims at strengthening and supporting EU partners in identifying & implementing innovative measures and policies for increasing environmental resource-efficiency, implementing green growth and eco-innovation and improving environmental...

LNG port facilities

Summary: LNG port facilities in Livorno aim to decrease CO2 emissions in the Mediterranean area by developing the first Mediterranean complete LNG distribution network.

Location: Toscana, Italy (Italia)

Wine to Power

Submitted by: Vincenzo D'Alberti, 08/04/2016

Our idea is to produce synthetic methane combing the CO2 coming from wine fermentation in Sicilian winery and H2 produced With power surplus. the obtained methane will be used to vineyard cultivation.

Funding the energy transition in Slovenia


Resources from maluses on carbon-intensive energy offer a great opportunity to provide part of the...

Type: Project

SYMBI project - Häme region Study Visit


The interregional study visit on sharing practices on waste to energy systems was held in Finland,...

Type: Project