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RIS3 of Tuscany Region: strategic planning through stakeholders...

Summary: Innovative methodological scheme for strategic planning decisions in public administrations, based on foresight, roadmapping and stakeholders’ participation.

Location: Toscana, Italy (Italia)

3 companies in Bretagne involved into Covid19 crisis


3 member companies of Biotech Santé Bretagne involved into Covid 19 crisis

Type: Project

Citizens' involvement in the LTZ congestion charge

Summary: The objective of this pratice is decreasing vehicular accessor to the “Area C” (i.e. LTZ) of Milan, displaying a good method of citizen involvement.

Location: Lombardia, Italy (Italia)

Good practice on municipal planning and involvement in Agder

Summary: In order to facilitate sustainable exploitation of coastal areas Coastal regions of Agder have taken an initiative to develop municipal Heritage plans.

Location: Agder og Rogaland, Norway (Norge)

Municipalities involvement in Multi-Apartment Building...

Summary: In order to foster the modernization process Lithuanian government decided to stipulate and simplify renovation process by involving municipalities.

Location: Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)

SUN Nordhessen: Local Financing and Involvement of Private...

Summary: SUN is building and operating wind and solar power plants in Northern Hessen, afterwards it transfers its shares to local citizen energy cooperatives.

Location: Kassel, Germany (Deutschland)

Cluster associations' involvement in Basque RIS3 implementation &...

Summary: Cluster associations’ active involvement in Basque RIS3 implementation & deployment, ensuring its translation into action, projects and results in the market.

Location: Burgenland AT, Spain (España)

CYCLEWALK - Sharing best practices and experience on data...

Lead Partner: Oradea Metropolitan Area Intercommunity Development Association

The Cyclewalk Project aims at supporting the shift from car usage to cycling and walking mobility patterns over shorter distances, improving the accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. CYCLEWALK will also contribute to the transition to a more...

CECI - Citizen involvement in circular economy implementation

Lead Partner: LAB University of Applied Sciences (until 31.12.2019 Lahti University of Applied...

CECI desires to:  Raise awareness of circular economy and highlight the importance of citizen engagement Inspire citizens to adopt sustainable  consumption habits and behaviour patterns Promote new sustainable services, e.g....

Event: Innovation Relaunched - 26 March in Brussels


The COMPASS final conference will involve participants in testing the diagnostic tool for SMEs and...

Type: Project