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Autonomous robotic system for urban waste recycling


An autonomous robotic system capable of categorizing and separating recyclable materials is under...

Type: Project

Donostia Innovation League


Fomento organizes the DIL, a youth training programme aiming to give the necessary skills to the...

Type: Project

Study Visit 2 - Adapting the classic eco-system

21/05/2017 - 24/05/2017

RCIA Study Visit 2 - Adapting the classic spatial cross-collaboration eco-system into a holistic...

Type: Project

Catalysts for innovation


“Catalysts for innovation - lessons from interregional collaboration” is a joint event of three...

Type: Project

Industrial modernisation & Interregional Cooperation


On 19th March 2019 the conference “Industrial Modernisation and Interregional Cooperation:...

Type: Project

RECORD; 4rd Study Visit and Steering Committee

04/11/2019 - 06/11/2019

The 4rd Study Visit is focused on giving insights Västmanland´s innovation systems and innovative...

Type: Project

WSSIC Supporting Water Innovation


WSSIC engages with key players in the water industry, providing technical guidance in the...

Type: Project

Pre-commercial procurement: developing innovation capacity


Take a look at this article on pre-commercial procurement and how it can support developing...

Type: Platform

FC4EU peer review in Varna: Quality & Innovation

14/05/2018 - 18/05/2018

The second Peer Review held in Varna, Bulgaria focused on commercialization of innovative products...

Type: Project

2nd Stakeholders' Meeting in Greece


Regional Association of Municipalities of Western Macedonia organised this meeting on the 1st of...

Type: Project