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Project summary NMP-REG aims at improving regional policies for delivering innovation in NMP to manufacturing by focusing on policy actions that can support it, using a coordinated action from key players. NMP-REG achieves this through exchanging...


Project summary About our project: There is a lower rate of start-ups in Europe comparing with other parts of the world (Asia or US). There is a need to offer attractive jobs and places to live for young people. Actual condition causes that many...


Project summary Cities are places where environmental performance management is of utmost importance: in the majority of them there is a concentration of unsustainable behaviours in terms of waste management, energy efficiency or mobility. Heritage...

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Check if your project idea is relevant for Interreg Europe Answer the series of questions below to check if your project idea is relevant for Interreg Europe. Before going forward with your application or seeking assistance from us, make sure to...


Project summary RESOR aims at promoting best practices to support energy efficiency and renewable energy use in businesses of the secondary and tertiary sector in European islands and other remote regions.  Maximising energy savings and...


Project summary WILDLIFE ECONOMY (WLE) is based on the conviction that nature is an economic asset. In some cases, especially in remote parts of Europe, it can be one of the main building blocks of a sound economic development strategy. This...


In this section you can find: "PRESS CLIPPING" including a pdf dossier with all the media impact (TV, newspaper, radio, social media, etc. ) of the project per semester "INTERREGIONAL EVENTS" with full detailed dossiers of...


Project summary European regions are facing an increasing mobility demand while coping with higher congestion levels. Undoubtedly, there is a strong need to increase the use of sustainable transport modes meaning, above all, promoting intermodality,...


Project summary REBORN project will offer EU regions the opportunity for policy learning and good practices transfer in second chance entrepreneurship as in Europe there are not enough tools and knowledge to assist busineses when failure occurs...


Project summary Organizations, large and Small and Medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are increasingly aware of the benefits of closing loops by improving resource efficiency: saving material costs, creating competitive advantages and new markets are...