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Policy brief on ecosystem services: Interregional cooperation for...


The values and services provided by natural ecosystems are the driving force for the long-term...

Type: Platform


Submitted by: Roberto Revelli, 23/09/2017

Motivations: (1) Green urban spaces are important parts of the urban environmental system. (2) They provide several ecosystem services (e.g. positive effects on human health, social dynamics, housing prices and business district activity, reduced...

Effective Management of Protected Areas THrough Integrating...

Submitted by: Zoltan Kun, 31/03/2017

Organise a network where partners develop regional action plans to improve the effectiveness of management of a few selected Natura 2000 sites as role model. The management planning will include the ecosystem services offered by the area The...

Ecosystem services

Submitted by: Jari Hietaranta, 29/03/2017

EU biodiversity strategy 2020 states that by 2020 ecosystems and their services are maintained and enhanced by establishing green infrastructure and restoring degraded natural areas .Green Infrastructure strategy includes policies for protecting and...

ROMANCE - Restoration, management and valorisation Of...

Submitted by: Vito Emanuele Cambria, 20/04/2017

Dear all, as Department of Environmental Biology (Sapienza University of Rome), we are designing a demonstration project for the restoration, management and valorization of Mediterranean Coastal Ecosystems. The primary aim is to promote and...

BID-REX at envEXPO, Norfolk UK


Norfolk County Council attended NERC's envEXPO 2017 to showcase the work of BID-REX

Type: Project

Wise up - Joint tools for reshaping low carbon business ecosytems

Submitted by: Eeva Pihlajaniemi, 05/06/2017

There is a huge need for new solutions to meet the future challenges: Fitting one globe carrying capacity life standard can be reached as objective of resource wise city, when negative environmental impacts minimized, including cutting down...

Innovation ecosystems and role of frontrunners in mutual learning


Europe needs pioneering cities and regions to test ground breaking ideas and validate innovative...

Type: Platform

What makes a perfect Business Support Ecosystem?


What are the most important services in various phases of business growth? Share your opinion with...

Type: Project


Submitted by: Jose Manuel Cabello, 26/05/2017

FIWARE platform represents a comprehensive environment where to underpin the European digitization strategy. All these new concepts generate many opportunities but also needs. Generating business by Future Internet requires the knowledge of...