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New video (innovation in Bourgogne)!


5 experiences on open innovation and digital services (video in French)

Type: Project



Watify - AgriTech: Agriculture at the Centre of the Digital Economy, Tuscany, 16-17 May

Type: Project

5th Organic Processing Conference

16/01/2018 - 17/01/2018

This year the conference will consider the innovative tools (digitalization) that will enable...

Type: Project

Surrey Study Visit

12/03/2019 - 14/03/2019

The potential for digital realities in the visitor, countryside & heritage sectors by meeting...

Type: Project

Energy Cloud for Countries/Regions

Submitted by: Rodrigo Villamizar, 01/02/2020

To use data analytic AI platforms (already operational) to serve as a digital twin of a power system (hopefully at a national level). We have the agreement of a small latin american country to cooperateand a major technology company -also- from...

GreenH2Danube-storage and usage of energy produced by...

Submitted by: Hans Marius Schuster, 22/01/2020

DANUBE: Addressing European decarbonisation targets requires technologies that reduce energy consumption and emissions whilst fully harnessing the potential of renewable energies. In this context, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen (FCH) technologies constitute...

BIMFM - Building Information Modelling in Facility Management

Submitted by: José Santos, 04/03/2020

I from University of Madeira, in Madeira Island, in Portugal. BIM (building information modelling), a recent 4.0 technology, is a process involving the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics...


Publications on e-health 16/04/2020 Read some of the top international recent published documents related to ehealth Type: Project NEWSLETTERS 03/12/2019 Get to know what we have achieved so far! Enjoy reading! Type: Project State of the Art in...


Project summary SmartEdge will address the potential for greenhouse gas emission reductions that lie in the development of smaller cities within metropolitan areas. Edge cities are an integral part of the existing metropolitan fabric and may be...


You'll  find in this library pictures, press articles and newsletters... such as small seeds sown throughout the project ! Action plans 10/02/2020 You will find here all the Action plans of the CIRCE project Type: Project CircE...