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Information needs for decision makers


The first workshop of the BID-REX project took place in Wallonia in February.

Type: Project

Regional seminar in Basque Country


A regional seminar was held in Basque Country last month

Type: Project

BID-REX at the final EU BON meeting


The BID-REX project was introduced at the final EU BON meeting last month.

Type: Project

BID-REX participatory workshop in Basque Country


Basque agencies exchange ideas and experiences on information needs in the scope of biodiversity

Type: Project

Workshop: Matching Information to Needs

14/06/2017 - 15/06/2017

Creating policies to protect biodiversity requires the mobilisation of key biodiversity information...

Type: Project

Boosting forest products in bioeconomic regional policies...

Submitted by: Adriano Raddi, 21/09/2017

With the objective of the transition to a low carbon economy, some European countries and regions are developing -in separate ways, by different administrations- bioeconomic policies involving the forest sector. Forest products should be more and...


Submitted by: Alessandro Luè, 09/06/2017

The project will pursue a transnational dialogue to promote renewable energy development in decision-making for regional energy planning.

Green public procurement for environmental management of...

Submitted by: Salvatore Cafiso, 07/06/2017

Relevance of environmental issue in road asset management is essential in terms of citizens' quality of life, economic competitiveness and sustainable growth. Based on the outcome of relevant EU projects (e.g., ERA-NET and LCE4ROADS), there is a...

AUHIP Anti-Urban Heat Islands Platform

Submitted by: Adèle Dauxais, 07/03/2017

The project aims at improving policies on urban heat islands. Indeed, cities face particular micro-climate that participates to the disequilibrium of the environment and feeds through to energy consumption because of intensive uses of fans and air...

S3 Agrifood: Traceability and Big Data in the agrifood value...

Submitted by: Esperanza Perea Acosta, 02/05/2017

Incorporation of the necessary digital technologies and data application in agrifood value chains. The project aims at supporting the Traceability & Big Data thematic partnership within the S3 Agrifood Platform (launched in Florence 12/6&7/2016). ...