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Use of Biodiversity data in decision making: the SITxell Project

Summary: GIS scheme based on scientific information to be used in land planning at different scales to ensure conservation of natural values and sustainable use of land.

Location: Cataluña, Spain (España)

Improvement of perception of locals towards the Natural Parks...

Summary: Sustainable Development Plans are documents aimed at increasing the ecomonic development in Natural Parks in concordance with nature conservation.

Location: Andalucía, Spain (España)

Evaluating the carrying capacity for visitor management in...

Summary: The Evaluation of carrying capacity represent a necessary scientific support for visitors management, ensuring the sustainable conservation of natural heritage.

Location: Sud-Est, Romania (România)

A guide to develop sustainable tourism in PAs


Containing ideas, case studies, guidelines and tips to help conservation, businesses, host...

Type: Project

Michal Kesner

DHP Conservation Ltd.

Interested in: Joining a project, Networking with peers

Tomas Olsson

University of Gothenburg

Maritime Heritage Assets and Nautical Routes as Sustainable...

Submitted by: Nick Bogiazides, 12/05/2018

The cultural heritage of maritime regions constitutes a unique and invaluable asset, incorporating specific features ranging from rich tangible heritage (seascapes, underwater artifacts, port and harbour works and equipment, lighthouses, boat...

Improving water tourism through setting up new policy approach

Submitted by: Roósz Patrícia, 01/06/2018

In connection with the development of the policy instrument, water tourism, taking into account the priority of Interreg 4, the program aims to gather good practices and exchange experiences with the protection of the natural and cultural values ​​of...

Students support Coalescce work of LCF


COALESCCE members, the Lake Constance Foundation, participated at a special event at Germany’s...

Type: Project

European Cultural Heritage Summit - “Sharing Heritage – Sharing...


The European Cultural Heritage Summit with the motto “Sharing Heritage – Sharing Values” took place...

Type: Platform