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Catalan biodiversity information


Catalan administration technicians meet to discuss tools and resources to improve biodiversity...

Type: Project


Submitted by: Frederick Campbell, 13/09/2017

Promoting eco-tourism and nature conservation in the Baltic Sea Region and North Sea Region (Norway & the UK)

HumanNature - Creating balance between protection and use of...

Submitted by: Dimitar Ragyov, 01/03/2017

Human nature is a contradictory phrase. This project aims to show the bright side of the human nature! Main goal: Improving the protected areas policy management for better nature conservation and sustainable development of the regions. -...

LANCELOT: Cultural Landscapes for Large Old Trees

Submitted by: Livia Zapponi, 12/04/2017

Large old trees play an irreplaceable role for biodiversity conservation and thanks to their majestic aesthetics contribute to the citizens' sense of ownership. European large old trees are too often remains of long-abandoned traditions. Two are the...

ConBioDev: The conservation of nature and biodiversity of Natura...

Submitted by: DIMITRIS MICHALAKIS, 06/03/2017

The sustainable management of non-wood products (NWP), for NATURA 2000 network sites, in a climate change environment, as an additional economic resource for the residents.


Submitted by: Ezio Freschi, 10/03/2017

To emphasize the conservation and preservation of natural environments. Building sustainable networks for knowledge, cultural and existential exchanges aimed at protecting and comprehension of biodiversity, according to the agreements of Rio De...

ROMANCE - Restoration, management and valorisation Of...

Submitted by: Vito Emanuele Cambria, 20/04/2017

Dear all, as Department of Environmental Biology (Sapienza University of Rome), we are designing a demonstration project for the restoration, management and valorization of Mediterranean Coastal Ecosystems. The primary aim is to promote and...

Matching information to needs


Experts from seven European regions met last week for the second workshop of the BID-REX project.

Type: Project

Sharing learning with Natural England


On 19 April 2017, UEA presented best practice developed in Norfolk region and learning outcomes from...

Type: Project


Submitted by: Ramón Montes, 28/04/2017

MAIN OBJECTIVES - Create and promote a network of European rural areas with Archaeological sites/areas and their associated landscapes. - Develop a joint strategy of preservation and sustainable tourism uses for the Archaeological sites and their...