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RESET on ETP annual conference


RESET will be presented on the next Annual Conference of the European Textile Platform, taking place...

Type: Project

Tania presented in the Smart Regions Conference


TANIA has been presented during the Smart Regions Conference which was held the 1 and 2 June in...

Type: Project

ClusterFY: Cluster Garden Conference


On 16 April 2018 our Polish ClusterFY partner organised the Cluster Garden event in Warsaw.

Type: Project

Conference: Coal Regions in Transition Platform


DECARB will participate in the launching of a Platform to support Coal Regions in Transition.

Type: Project

OCTA – Ocean Conference and Declaration on Oceans


GROW RUP project mentioned in OCTs Declaration on Oceans

Type: Project

National Kick-off Conference in Alzira, Spain


National Conference to present the GPP-STREAM project took place on 17/07/2019 in Mancomunitat de la...

Type: Project

Design Conference for Business Innovation in Galicia


June 28th saw the culmination of the second edition of the Design Conference for Business...

Type: Project

European Conference on Financing


Valencia will host the European Congress on Financing for Sustainable Business Growth and...

Type: Project

ECCP weekly digest - WIRE conference Part II

ECCP weekly digest - Clusterix 2.0 at WIRE conference Part II

From folder: Media appearances of CLUSTERIX 2.0

2nd CISMOB Thematic Conference

Q&A on the Efficient and sustainable urban transport systems

From folder: 2nd CISMOB Thematic Conference - photos