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Use of innovative technology to manage floods in wetlands

Submitted by: Artur Chambel, 02/03/2020

Due to climate change, wetlands are among the ecosystems that will be most affected by changing hydrological regimes, namely by rising sea levels and decreasing surface and underground water tables. At the same time, they are important in protecting...

Second Stakeholders' Group meeting in Thessaloniki


The second Local Stakeholders Group Meeting in Thessaloniki was held on June 27, 2019. Lloyd's...

Type: Project

Las Palmas City of the Sea - LAPmar


Las Palmas City of the Sea aims at undertaking sustainable maritime activities and double the GDP...

Type: Project

1st Regional Stakeholders Workshop in Croatia!


The Croatian edition of the 1st Regional Stakeholders Workshop took place on last 31 January 2020 in...

Type: Project

Donegal launches online heritage inventory


The online inventory "Coastal experience in Donegal" aims to widen the net for information gathering...

Type: Project

Cultural heritage of fishing communities in Zeeland


Cultural heritage of fishing communities in Zeeland, the Netherlands.

Type: Project

'Iron Curtain Trail' certified as a Cultural Route !


The 'Iron Curtain Trail' has been certified by the Council of Europe as a Cultural Route with the...

Type: Project

Campaign "My Sea" for cleaner Baltic Sea's coast!


The campaign “My Sea” launched by the Environmental Education Foundation in 2012 is a successful...

Type: Project

HERICOAST-Stakeholders with Donegal Representatives


Presentation given on the spatial data, mapping and visualization, crowdsourcing APP and outline of...

Type: Project

7th Study Visit is around the corner!

03/12/2019 - 05/12/2019

Malta Study Visit n. 7

Type: Project