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Innovation Loop good practice engages project partners and...


Tthanks to the OSIRIS project it has become possible to experiment and further develop this good...

Type: Platform

RII, co-creation & Smart Labs


Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences Knowledge and Technology Centre (KTC) offers multiple...

Type: Project

Sharing best practice on co-creation environments


Jo Ward from PDR summarizes a visit of Valletta Design Cluster in Wales, who came to learn about...

Type: Project

Co-creation model of University of Helsinki


The co-creation model connects research and business. In co-creation both the researchers and the...

Type: Project

The value of co-creation


KEPA organised the 4th LSG meeting ‘The value of co-creation’ at Hellenic Design Centre. Discover...

Type: Project

Birmingham's innovation eco-system toured by experts


Urban M project partners visited Birmingham as part of a STEAM policy clinic.

Type: Project

El Hueco Verde - 'green' co-working


A social project, non-profit, whose formula is green co-working promoting networking and creating an...

Type: Project

Tourism Manifesto for Growth & Jobs co-signed


Contact of CHRISTA Project with the European Travel Commission on co-signing the Tourism Manifesto...

Type: Project

ECO-CICLE Good Practices: ITI Cádiz


12 good practices have been selected in the frame of the ECO-CICLE project. This one concerns the...

Type: Project

REScoop: Supporting renewable energy co-operatives across Europe


Europeans are increasingly taking energy production into their own hands.

Type: Platform