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Food-Water-Energy challenges in cities / city-regions

Submitted by: Christian Fertner, 06/09/2017

We are interested in joining projects working with the consumption of food, water and energy in urban areas. We work in urban and regional studies, sustainable urban development, energy efficient cities, smart cities, urban metabolism, ecological...

Strengthening the capacities of individuals through establishment...

Submitted by: Patricia Patkanova, 25/01/2016

Creating an accredited training program in the area of municipal social business dedicated for the municipalities.


Submitted by: Elke Van der Heijden, 31/03/2017

In many European cities, local entrepreneurs join forces in new types of collective ventures to engage in shared investments, collective marketing, improving shared public space, etc. Local governments increasingly recognize the value of such...


Submitted by: Isabelle Kahna, 10/04/2019

We have created a French association LES AILES DE VENISE to promote a new kind of tourism in cities overtouristed as Venice which is our first objective. The idea is to create a link between Tourists from abroad and Venice and Venetian's...


Submitted by: PAZ DIAZ NIETO , 13/03/2018

European industrial transition regions face several challenges such as decrease in industrial employment due to decline in certain traditional industrial activities, lack of appropriate skills-base of the workforce and a lack of investment in...


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PERFECT - Planning for Environment and Resource eFficiency in...

Lead Partner: Town & Country Planning Association

PERFECT integrates the many benefits of green infrastructure into the planning and investment for the future of urban and rural areas. It seeks to influence the policy-making process by raising awareness of the social, environmental and economic...

DEMO-EC - DEvelopment of sustainable MObility management in...

Lead Partner: Aufbauwerk Region Leipzig GmbH

The population of cities increases in Europe, which is a big challenge for the organization of transport in urban areas. For environmental friendly transport and to reduce CO2-consumption the alternatives for normal cars have to be introduced. A...

RFC - Recapture the Fortress Cities

Lead Partner: Ústí Region

RFC aims at the sustainable revitalisation of heritage buildings by improving the coexistence of fortified cities and neighbouring forts in urban regions. There is a high number of former fortresses and fortified sites of big historical value in...