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AGENEX has participated in a training session about solar energy installations.
Type: Project
The initiative promotes the needs of people with mental health problems in the labour market as well as provide training for people from vulnerable groups.
Type: Project
Part 1: Development of innovation skills through consultation and training.
Type: Project
A focus group with tourism mobility purpose is working on mobility trainings and further marketing activities.
Type: Project
ALICE's Training and Education Working Group takes advice from animation expert Serge Umé.
Type: Project
The Biomedical Centre of Simulation's mission is to provide a training area with clinical scenarios’ simulators (ex:.ER, operative block or intensive care).
Location: Norte, Portugal
Project: HELIUM
West Regional Development Agency would like to explore the Factory of the Future concept by delivering training to fast changing disruptive technologies.
Type: Project
A training on generating country-specific statistics and graphs.
Type: Programme
STS aims to establish regional succession planning hubs providing cross- border expertise, training, and mentoring for the family and the business.
Location: Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Project: iEER
Rinker Center provides training, financial and mentoring support to social and traditional startups and SMEs. Single startup support 3m before &12m after setup
Location: Югозападен, Bulgaria (България)
Project: OSS