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Manicipality of Venlo

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Ertekterv Ltd

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Green Pilgrimage Sustainability Report – the Vadstena Case Study, Sweden The report can be found here https://www.interregeurope.eu/greenpilgrimage/library/
Type: Project
Flanders launches a new Clean Power for Transport subsidy call regarding semipublic charging infrastructure for e-cars in car parks outside the public domain.
Type: Project
A comparison between electric batteries and hydrogen fuel in e-mobility sector
Type: Project
AGENEX - Agencia Extremeña de la Energía, one of CISMOB partners, participated in the event RoboRAVE 2017 in Badajoz.
Type: Project
Low-carbon transport systems for visitors at tourist destinations presented and discussed at the 1st Thematic Workshop in Hastings, UK
Type: Project
DESTI-SMART Workshop on “Smart Mobility at Tourist Destinations” approved by the EWRC 2020 selection committee to be part of #EURegionsWeek 2020
Type: Project
ITS Romania, CNR-CME, ARTS and ITS Events Management organized in Bucharest the 4th edition of the annual National Smart Cities of Romania Conference.
Type: Project
As a teaser to our next steering committee meeting: Have a short description of the host, Castillia y Leon, and what they already did in e-mobility
Type: Project