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Today we meet with Bárbara Cerdán Fortea, from the European Programmes Office of Provincial Council of Teruel to discuss the Action Plan of the Provincial Gover
Type: Project
2020/02/27 TVN PT
From folder: In the media
A new business model for rental housing for the elderly Many older people live alone, but would like to accompany their daily lives. On the other hand, relatives may be concerned about the well-being and well-being of the elderly. Service housing would seem like a hassle-free solution, but for many, the cost of service housing is overwhelming. Older people lack a safe and affordable housing option that would bring joy and well-being to people's lives. What is SenioriSolu Kodit The SenioriSolu™ kodit concept is a new rental housing model that aims to secure and enhance the housing and well-being of the aging population. SenioriSolu ™ Kodit provides high quality housing at no exorbitant cost. In practice, SenioriSolu ™ Kodit provides, individual and communal rental housing in standard apartment buildings and High-quality wooden house apartments that combine: intelligence, accessibility, scalability, and sustainable construction solutions. #seniorisolukodit #finland
What is SILVER SMEs’ aim? What are the current challenges for the Silver Economy sector? What can SMEs of the Silver Economy do to improve the quality of life
Type: Project
SILVER SMEs publishes its first video, introducing the objectives of the project and the challenges for SMEs working in the silver economy sector.
Type: Project
SILVER SMEs organised its third international conference on February 5 and 6, 2020, in Cork, Ireland.
Type: Project
Silver Normandie is connecting Silver Economy actors within a Regional Sectoral Committee to facilitate innovation in the sector.
Location: Basse-Normandie, France
Project: SILVER SMEs
The SILVER SMEs project has just been launched! This five-year INTERREG Europe project started in June 2018 and will last until 2023.
Type: Project
Our 2nd workshop of Exchange of Experience took place in Rome where we could gain interesting insights about its electric mobility challenges.
Type: Project