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"Customer Journey Mapping" in Saxony-Anhalt


"Customer Journey Mapping – seeing the world as customers do" workshop in Magdeburg on 23rd August...

Type: Project

Peer review presentation Saxony-Anhalt


The international peer review team shares its initial findings and draft recommendations with...

Type: Project

Gardendreams-Historical Parks in Saxony-Anhalt: Marketing...

Summary: The most beautiful and significant parks were selected and combined in the network “Gartenträume - Historische Parks in Sachsen-Anhalt” and marketed through it.

Location: Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany (Deutschland)

promoting cross cluster collaboration in Saxony, DE (C3-SAXONY)

Summary: C3-Saxony combined two clusters Silicon Saxony (microelectronics) and biosaxony (Life sciences) for enhancing the development of interdisciplinary technology.

Location: Arnsberg, Germany (Deutschland)

In-Situ Visit_Saxony


The European delegation, consisting of Polish and Scottish representatives...

Type: Project

Newsletter 3 _ P8 Saxony Anhalt

Version in German language

From folder: Newsletters


Ministry of Economy, Science and Digitalisation Saxony-Anhalt

From folder: Action Plans

Compilation of EU projects Saxony-Anhalt

Compilation of EU projects Saxony-Anhalt H20 FactsheetsGesamtkatalog

From folder: Beyond EDP in the news

Technology Roadmap for Lead Market Chemistry and Bioeconomy...

Summary: The Ministry has implemented a technology roadmap for the lead market chemistry and bioeconomy to identify innovation topics and involve regional stakeholders

Location: Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany (Deutschland)

5th RSG meeting in Saxony-Anhalt


The 5th Regional Stakeholder Group Meeting is organised by the Development Bank of Saxony - Anhalt...

Type: Project