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Lead Partner: Intermunicipal Community of Alto Minho
One of the Europe’s most relevant resources are the rivers that cross it. They are not only the main responsible for the rich & diverse European natural ecosystems but also the main source of the water used by the population & population activities Water is a scarce resource that must be protected and reused & in this context the preservation of the quality of the European rivers’ water is a major concern of local, regional, national & even European authorities The project aims to go forward in the water directives implementation proposing the promotion of a smart water management (ICT should support the implementation of a smart water management in the participant territories as a transversal enabling technology that generates real-time information & allows different stakeholders to access & share it for a supported decision making process) The overall objective of the project is to exchange experiences & good practices between partners in the field of the efficiency of the water systems, to adapt those good practices & apply the lessons learnt to each partner reality through the development of individual action plans & to promote their application through the partners’ policy instruments BIGDATA4RIVERS is in essence a driver for the generation & exchange of information & knowledge enabling better planning processes & decision-making regarding the local/regional water management. The interregional learning process will allow partners to learn & support each other based on their own experiences in the EU Water Framework directives implementation The project main outputs are: ●Joint analytical report aiming at identifying the main rivers’ water management policies in the project regions and compare the application level of the water sector European directives allowing partners to identify opportunities & improvement needs of their policy instruments (PI) ●Exchange of experiences activities (site visits, interregional training seminar and interregional workshop)
A new schedule and learning program have been adopted for the STAR Cities project.
Type: Project
The second stakeholders meeting took place in Kaunas on March, 14 2019.
Type: Project
Ferry Japsand reinforces the "Elblinien" on the Stadersand and Hamburg route
Type: Project
Kaunas District Municipality plans on buying a new ship that will carry tourists to Nemunas.
Type: Project
Norfolk is home to over 1,200 miles of long distance walking, cycling and bridle routes which meander their way through the county's rich and varied landscape.
Type: Project
The first STAR Cities webinar on “Locals and communities engagement” is available.
Type: Project
Inge Verhaeghen & Hilde Hoefnagels – Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen
Virtual pondering on drivers and barriers Sometimes the circumstances force to change plans and challenge to a new way of collecting and sharing information. T...
Type: Project
Find out more about the good practices catalogue and WaVE Festival's highlights
Type: Project