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Lead Partner: Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Sustainable Development.. Regional Government of Andalucía
New management models to balance preservation and exploitation of protected areas (Natura 2000) has become a priority in most EU regions. Protected areas are primarily defined to preserve biodiversity. This is undoubtedly their main goal. Well managed, protected areas are an opportunity for green jobs creation. However, this does not necessarily mean that they cannot host controlled, biodiversity-friendly, economic activities within and outside their boundaries. Well managed, protected areas are an opportunity for green jobs creation,  with such activities as eco-tourism, outdoors sports or recreational fishing.  The video below tells the story of "The Amber Catcher", which was collected during the implementation of the IMPACT project. It portrays the description of a commercial activity developed inside a Protected Area that does not impact its natural values.  Some  challenges are : How to combine profitable activities and, at the same time, not damage nature?How to mediate with different stakeholders having diverse (economic and conservationist) interests?How to stabilise green jobs during all seasons?How to involve stakeholders in biodiversity preservation and raise general awareness about natural assets (risks and potential)? IMPACT project aims at changing management policies in order to promote productive activities in and around protected areas without compromising biodiversity conservation. Interregional cooperation will help to achieve this goal.  Through stakeholder groups meetings, interregional events, study visits and forums the potential of protected areas will be transformed into growth, income and green jobs in and around protected areas. Natura 2000 sites could be turned around more sustainable and efficient if improved policy instruments and approaches are adopted.
The Evaluation of carrying capacity represent a necessary scientific support for visitors management, ensuring the sustainable conservation of natural heritage.
Location: Sud-Est, Romania (România)
Project: IMPACT
The sustainable management of marine habitats ensures carbon sequestration.
Location: Other, Afghanistan
Project: PASSAGE
The whole valley of the river Lahn is touristically developed for people who love hiking, cycling or water hiking. The river is accompanied by railway lines.
Location: Gießen, Germany (Deutschland)
Project: ThreeT
Local fishermen fishing in the nearshore of the Baltic Sea, which is a marine reserve and a NATURA 2000 site, took an initiative to build a fishing harbour .
Location: Lietuva, Lithuania (Lietuva)
Project: IMPACT
Association of Parks in Bulgaria

Interested in: Joining a project, Sharing a project idea, Networking with peers

Policy change carried out by Andalusian Regional Goverment consisting in the enhancement of the current Sustainable Development Plans (SDP).
Type: Project
The Interreg project “DestiMED” has been officially launched in Rome on January 19th, 2017.
Type: Project
Within the framework of the ESPARC Conference. Participants actively engaged in proposing solutions to promote sustainable development in protected areas.
Type: Project
Interview to María José Galindo - El Bosqueño Cheese Factory - Grazalema Nature Park
Type: Project