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Submitted by: CIRLEA FILIP, 13/01/2016

the energy transition is a technological challenge, but that governance, people, dialogue, political courage and cross-cutting approaches play a key role for cities and citizens

2nd meeting with stakeholders - DCCAE Ireland


The DCCAE will held its 2nd stakeholder Group Meeting on the 12th October, 2017 from 9.00am until...

Type: Project

Building of better future with Inspiring Enterprise


During our partnership meeting in Hampshire, we presented regional Good Practices in the subject of...

Type: Project

ALICE meets with the animation community from Puglia


ALICE’s first stakeholders’ meeting in Bari revealed the need for strengthening the animation...

Type: Project

Meeting with Tourism Technicians


Leartibai Development Agency report the project activities and following to the stakeholders 9...

Type: Project

Workshop with Slovenian stakeholders


Workshop with the Slovenian stakeholders, organized by the Slovenian partner in Ljubljana on 30th...

Type: Project

HERICOAST-Stakeholders with InishowenRepresentatives


Update given on the spatial data, mapping and visualization, crowdsourcing APP, Hericoast film and...

Type: Project

GreenAct Kronoberg with Industry


Energikontor Sydost (ESS) are under the name of GreenAct Kronoberg having regular meetings with the...

Type: Project

Mobile banking with Monzo


Challenger bank MONZO has joined the group of "unicorns" in October 2018. Currently, the MONZO's...

Type: Project

Heating control with forecast

Summary: When the weather changes difficulties in maintaining the desired indoor temp. arise. Housing comp Östersundshem has tested controlled heating based on forecast.

Location: Mellersta Norrland, Sweden (Sverige)