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Twente Stakeholders receive input and move on


A week before and the week after the interregional partner meeting in Milan, the local stakeholder...

Type: Project

Advancing stakeholders participation in Lombardy


Well a month ahead of the interregional partner meeting in Milan, 14 participants of the local...

Type: Project

Stakeholders Group workshop in Basque country


Tecnalia Research and Innovation Foundation organized the local stakeholder group meeting.

Type: Project

Molise 3rd Stakeholders meeting


As Part of the Symbi project, each partner organizes several meetings with their regional...

Type: Project

Stakeholders Group meeting 1 in Bulgaria


Burgas Municipality hold the 1st Local Stakeholders Group meeting on Intangible Heritage Tourism

Type: Project

PASSAGE stakeholders' meeting in Wimille (France)


The first local stakeholder group meeting in Pas-de-Calais will take place on 15 September in...

Type: Project

Stakeholder Group Meeting 2 - Romania


Second stakeholder group meeting organized by Romanian partners

Type: Project

First stakeholders group meeting in Vidzeme Region


The Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia), one of the partners of the Destination SMEs project, has held...

Type: Project

TRAM 5th Stakeholders Group Meeting_Miskolc


The fifth Local Stakeholder Group meeting of PP4 of TRAM project took place in Miskolc, Hungary, on...

Type: Project

TRAM 7th Stakeholders Group Meeting_Miskolc


The Municipality of Miskolc on County Rank, as PP4 partner of TRAM project, convened the 7th...

Type: Project